Amos Ologunleko

Certified management specialist and leadership enthusiast with unique leadership style of adapting "spelling and expression mnemonics" for expounding leadership and management philosophies.

Nothing is Silent

Nature is speaking. Is anyone listening? Plants, bodies of water, mountains, hills, valleys, things animate and inanimate are raising up their voices to be heard. Everything around us is making unique sounds hoping that someone out there interprets the rhythm for good. Silence is golden but silence speaks as well. Those little children silently neglected …

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Tough Turf

The implications of on-going restrictions on movements across the globe on world economy now and in the foreseeable future cannot be over-emphasised. Amid hurtful gloom and doom is the reality that the world having survived similar incidents in the past will evolve better and stronger over time. Life is tough indeed, but it comes in …

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Light Up

We are always looking for light at the end of the tunnel. Guess what? It always come true. Light is rich. It’s powerful. It’s amazingly beautiful. Unfortunately, so many people are groping in the dark because they opt not for enlightenment. The first step in human emancipation has not changed and will never be. It …

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