Uniquely Special

Life can be so beautiful or so arduous depending on the ‘frame of reference’. In the midst of the ‘pendulumlike’ hustle and bustle of life, we still find time to unwind. A little work here and a little relaxation there with family, friends or leisure activities yield comforting ‘work-life balance’. Striking the balance is the hallmark of perfection. As Dr Raashidah wrote, “…a perfect life has many phenomenal essences to each and every individual. It can be perfection in things we do; it can be having everything perfect around and feeling perfect. We have this pipe dream about everything……Perfect life, perfect relationships, perfect career and perfect amount of money that we need to earn, no matter what”.

So, today I want to take a slightly different approach around the imperfect perfection. We are built for relationship. Of all relationships, family life is germane, foundational and very crucial. It’s been said that the nation prospers whose people have strong family values/virtues. We can be truly happy – in this global village – if we get family life right. There is a unique place for a life partner as we journey through life. If you are fortunate to have one, please cherish and protect it. If there’s strive, learn to resolve amicably and swiftly too. If you are single or a single parent, you can also make the very best out of life. We have a way of adapting/coping with the diverse odds of life. The vagary is our lot under the Sun.

A little over twenty-three years ago, I tied the knot with the only one I ever proposed to as my wife. Together, we are still learning and aspiring for a better home. It has not been ‘a bed of roses’ but we are thankful to God for life. Growing together through seventeen years of waiting to have the first child was one trial of faith we are so blessed to have overcome gracefully. Grace saw us through it all. The experience built us up as ‘sounding board’ or ‘reference point’ to willing partners who are going through similar experience. We are content being instrument of hope and joy in this aspect of life in modest ways.

About this time last year, while on holiday with the children away from base, she had a terrible fall that left her numb for a while until she regained consciousness. I was in a meeting when incessant calls kept coming-in on my mobile phone. Learning about the incident and the fact that she was on her way to the hospital took me by surprise. Head injury can be fatal but I hoped for the best. Not being there with them to see things by myself added to my anxiety. However, I am so grateful to God that she made it through the medical examinations/support and came back to me safe and sound. I appreciate the support from friends and associates who took care of the logistics and post-incident Medicare. We are here today – so truly grateful that it turned out well for us.

Now, this amazing woman is uniquely special to me. As she turns Fifty (50) years old today, many ideas are running through my mind on how best I could again convey my love and admiration to her. Words alone will fail me. Gifts will fade away. Memories will linger on. Incidentally, good memories are shaped by compendium of impeccable acts. Therefore, I have decided to take three steps – 1. Dedicate today’s blog to her, 2. Sing (and share) a short song to commemorate the day and 3. Celebrate her in a very unique way. My Olubunmi (her first name) remains the best ever. Ever charming, ever clever and industrious ever (https://www.instagram.com/creativethinkingheadpcs/). God fearing and loving. It is my prayer that the lord will grant her long life, graceful growth, sound health and all-round prosperity as we journey along. The least I set out to do this day is to thank God and celebrate her as a special gift to me and the children. Please join me in wishing her all the best of life.

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