The implications of on-going restrictions on movements across the globe on world economy now and in the foreseeable future cannot be over-emphasised. Amid hurtful gloom and doom is the reality that the world having survived similar incidents in the past will evolve better and stronger over time. Life is tough indeed, but it comes in peaks and troughs just as the stock market typifies. Isn’t it ironic that some are getting richer during this pandemic period? If in doubt, google Jack Kelly’s write-up on “Billionaires are getting Richer during the COVID-19 Pandemic….”.

Last week, I had conversation with an acquaintance who I so much admired. We had finished with the matter of interest, but he would not sign out without knowing why I had not written in a while. He is the reason I am doing this now. You see, some associates connect with your passion and will seize any opportunity to encourage you when you seemed “gassed-out”. Truth is, there are lots of stuff to write about that staying the course may be compromised unwittingly. Nonetheless, I want to be content in ‘staying true to my calling’ no matter how tough it may be.

Why has it taken this long for me to blog again against my wish? There were certain events around me that affected my appetite for writing in the last few weeks. I had lost some folks around me – not due to COVID-19 ailment – that shook me considerably. You, wonder – what exactly is life worth? “Vanity upon vanity”? On top of that, the spate of moral decadence in high places, unbridle recklessness from unexpected quarters in public places and utter helplessness from the weak in the face of surmountable obstacles deflated my passion for blogging. Oh, how I also missed pastoring with passion?

In my search for knowledge, I set out few years back to understand the most important thing in life. Depending on the source, I came out bemused by the diversity of opinions on the subject matter. However, as the popular adage goes, “What I was looking for in Sokoto (a state in Nigeria) is in the pocket of my Sokoto (i.e. Yoruba language translation for Trouser)”. I found my answer in basic instructions before leaving earth. Finding greater meaning for life helps shape your worldview and productivity. Have you truly found the most important thing in your life? If not, I encourage you to do so in earnest. That is where you will find genuine fulfilment.

Amidst life’s ups and downs lies indescribable introspect, inestimable lessons and unspeakable blessings. No matter what we are going through, we can find joy irrespective of life’s vicissitude. One of such joy dispensers is helping others. According to Martin Luther King (Jr), “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”. Living for others is a life of extreme sacrifice. A selfless life devoid of any iota of selfishness or self-centred motives. It’s one in which you can’t do enough. It is a thankless life. Friend, this turf is not a level playing field. It is a tough but fulfilling turf. Whether we like it or not, each of us will exit this space someday. May it never be that we are just of the number without any significant trail. I wish you the best in life.

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