In November 2020, I started posting regular thoughts on my Facebook wall. It has been a unique and eye-opening experience. What fascinates me is the fact that these #Nuggets are there on the marble for posterity. Once you begin to engage your mind, you will discover the innate abilities you never thought existed. The mind can be likened to a well that oozes out ideas, initiatives, innovations and creativity (I3C). The gateway out of the mind can also be likened to the water tap. Freshness comes through outpouring of I3C and rather than run dry, the well enlarges in geometrical proportions.

Occasionally, I will be documenting these Nuggets on this blog. You can peruse the first “Block of Refreshing Nuggets – B.O.R.N” posted under the title “Eureka Effect” following this hyperlink – Under-listed are the next BORN containing Ten (10) Nuggets also referred to as “Group of Tens – G.O.T”. Feel free to join me as I unveil these typical posts under “BORN or GOT” series henceforth.

  1. Today’s worldview doesn’t account well for giving. Living is not just between consumer and seller as it seems, it’s also between giver and recipient no matter the obscurity. The beauty is that the giver is greater and more valuable than the gift. #Nugget11
  2. It’s weird but true. A moment of decision between “Off the Mic” generation and “Speak-up” generation. It has never been the order of nature that the old will bury the young. One will outlive the other. It’s only a matter of time….#Nugget12
  3. You see, there is something about the Pharisees. They gave themselves waivers to attend to their animals on Sabbath days but can’t stand the sick getting healed. “Phariscious” hearts need healing. #Nugget13
  4. Pause, think aright: Ponder and consider for insights before acting without which error prevails. Regrets are products of hindsight through sober reflections while Legacies are products of foresight through purposeful resilience. #Nugget14
  5. Special Brand: When you show up, which BRAND do you project or represent? Invaluable, priceless or worthless? Being Relatively And Naturally Different is the B.R.A.N.D. Whoever you are and whatever you do, be uniquely pleasant. #Nugget15
  6. Game changer: It seems right does not make it right. Fundamentally, memorable change occurs after genuine reset akin to “systems’ reboot”. Be a positive change agent. #Nugget16
  7. Wisdom Matters: Finding wisdom is like digging for treasures buried beneath the earth. There is no school curriculum specific to wisdom yet we see clearly that “Wise Instruction Settles Difficult Odd Matters”. #Nugget17
  8. The real deal: Test your assumptions; verify and validate. There is nothing as obsolete as futility of “APES obey”. The reigning one is Assumption-Prototypes-Experiments-Success (APES). #Nugget18
  9. From “Digitally Yours”: Digital transformation (DT) is great but it takes greater deal of vision powered by astute discipline to move from the downhill of status-quo to the uphill of industrial internet of things (IIoT). #Nugget19
  10. Critical offer: In times of crisis, people yearn for hope when the voice of the leader can inspire. Hopelessness and helplessness are unwarranted plagues that shouldn’t befall an individual or a society. Give hope, help someone! #Nugget20
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