Eureka Effect

Learning should be habitual to every one of us. There is a quote attributed to Ray LeBlond that says, “You learn something every day if you pay attention.” Early this year (not new year resolution), I purposed to learn at least one new thing every blessed day and it has been an amazing journey. Even when I am not conscious of it, I discovered that I can no longer stop adding to myself daily.

Surprisingly, I have this sense of discomfort “consuming without giving out”. I just have to fashion a way out to give back. Social media is one ready avenue to reach out or give back to people. However, it’s not only crowded with diverse characters, it’s also clouded with gloom. So, how do I start? How do I pass my thoughts out daily and gracefully? How do I make it brief, sharp and straight on point? How do I avoid controversies, arguments or unprofitable contentions? Fortuitously, I settled for Facebook and I must say that I finally “cracked the code”. Truthfully, I am savouring the Eureka Effect.

Let me share ten quotable quotes that I have posted in the past few days with you here. Enjoy the “Nuggets”…..

  1. “Character first: you pray amiss without good character…#Nugget1
  2. “Life is win some, loose some: when you win, win gracefully and when you loose, loose gallantly. Beware of the underdog! #Nugget2
  3. “Liars can’t earn respect: As lies become the nature, shamelessness takes the centre stage. Lying diminishes relevance. #Nugget3
  4. “Let there be light: Light differ in S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S (source, intensity, brightness, luminance, interaction, nature, gain-factor and spectrum). #Nugget4
  5. “Unhealthy but necessary choices: When life throws two options at you and you choose one that you think is better, wisdom knows that time will tell. Choice has consequences. #Nugget5
  6. “Be calming down”: It’s foolhardy struggling hard or “breaking tables” to convince those who can’t see what you see. It’s your picture, be strategic about your vision. #Nugget6
  7. “Thinking straight: Forget the past but not the lessons. The future is a mirage without lessons-learnt wisely applied. All the best! #Nugget7
  8. “Clarion Call: Those who have nothing to live for have everything to die for. Selfless leadership stems perditious tide, not business as usual. #Nugget8
  9. “What a year? 2020 is one year to remember in all ramifications. Full of surprises yet filled with intentional hope. A lot can still play out before day 1 2021. Watch and Pray! #Nugget9
  10. “When is self-reflection wrong? Never! It’s the prerequisite for growth, progress and success. Develop the habit of looking into the mirror and truthfully describing what you see. You will be amazed….. #Nugget10
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