Leadership GOT BORN (#141 to #150)

Presented here is the 15th Series of group oten (10) blocks orefreshing nuggets. Please enjoy!

1. The world is ‘greener’ where folks stop causing others pain. Check-out and check-in unto good and ‘clean’ works. #nugget141

2. Ignore a weak foundation at your own peril. It’s cheaper and wiser to rebuild than pay a costly and foolish price over time. #nugget142

3. Learning is more than what you’re taught or told. Observe inquisitively, learn dispassionately, build and own your experience. #nugget143

4. Oceans may roar and seas may surge ‘tempestly’, the one how has peace of mind is at peace indeed. #nugget144

5. By choice, tears may turn-out the most beneficial water than those you drink, swim-in, bath-with or drenched-by. #nugget145

6. Anyone looking down when others are looking up will not fly. #nugget146

7. Ministration is different from entertainment. The ‘confluence’ is in ‘talent’ which is not common. #nugget147

8. Social media is not only ‘crowded’ with diverse characters, it’s ‘clouded’ with gloom churned out as breaking news. #nugget148

9. Avoid undue temptation of ‘repairing failure’ and experience unspeakable joy of ‘building anew’. Breathe fresh air! #nugget149

10. ‘Foolishness’ is being perplexed when one witnesses the consequence (or effect) of action (or cause) he or she aided, abetted or activated. #nugget150

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Have a great day!

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