We are always looking for light at the end of the tunnel. Guess what? It always come true. Light is rich. It’s powerful. It’s amazingly beautiful. Unfortunately, so many people are groping in the dark because they opt not for enlightenment. The first step in human emancipation has not changed and will never be. It has always been “let there be light and there was light”. If you seek, you will find. In humility, self-consciousness, open-mindedness and discipline we can enlighten our dark areas.

The glory of light is irresistible and graciously contagious. Depending on its source, it could also be dangerous and destructively devastating. As we unveiled the dimensions of light, we’ve seen our world framed in amazing shapes far above primitive comprehension. Light differ one from another in S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S*. The greatest wonder of our space is the light from the Sun and we owe it our existence. The Sun is a Star at the center of our Solar System. Issuing out of it is unique form of energy and so we can also project albeit animatedly. Yes, we can be “Simply Talented And Real (S.T.A.R)”.

Generally, we do agree that there is no justice without law. While that’s true, it may not represent the whole truth. Discounting technicalities, not until you realize (for example) that life ceases to exist without Light, Air and Water (i.e. L.A.W) would you begin to decipher many other dimensions of the whole truth. We have read about folks who spent time in jail only to be declared innocent after many years. Just one light in due season – a critical moment of need – could have averted such agonizing years. Justice cannot be “just” without “ice”. The challenge is that “ice” needs certain conditions to remain so otherwise it melts when its needed most. We err as human but light does not fail to shine.

Putting smile on the face of another is ‘lighting up’. How we show up and how we are received are reflections of how ‘lighted-up’ we are. Light shines in darkness. In gross darkness, a little light bodes well but needs to be guided, nurtured and guarded jealously lest its quenched. There is room for everyone to shine as long as there are problems to solve. If you’re in a position of authority or in your little corner where you manage at least one associate, shine your light and position yourself never to quench budding or sprouting lights. If you’re alone or in a team, be a light. Not for your own sake alone but just as a candle lights another one and another one until the whole place is set aglow.

Ignorant mind is ‘darkness’. Enlightened soul is ‘light’. Build your physical and spiritual muscles. Get knowledge to light up your dark areas in different dimensions of your life. Look-out for help and offer one readily. Seek out and hone unique skills that stands you out. You can be the light we have been waiting for. “Let’s Invent Great Harvests Together – (L.I.G.H.T)”. Light up!

*S.I.B.L.I.N.G.S – Literal: offspring of one or same parent; Acronym: Source, Intensity, Brightness, Luminance, Interaction, Nature, Gain Factor and Spectrum.

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