‘TransFORMation’ Journey – #1

Few years ago, I sat back to dig into the subject of transformation and what I learnt will be shared in snippets in this series. Everything starts from form. For a living thing, it’s the ‘seed’. It is then not surprising that the stage when character is being formed is referred to as “formative stage”. Literarily, form can be defined as shape, visual appearance or configuration of an object. It could also depict the essence of something or the mode in which it exists. From genetic transformation to business transformation or digital transformation to mention but few, “form” is at the core.

Knowledge is progressive but principles are timeless, changeless and unforgiven when flouted. Being time tested, the interesting fact about principles is that ignorance is not an excuse. Everything we are or know in the universe are compendiums of energy and associated attributes such as frequencies and vibrations. There are two fundamental laws of reference here – the Newton’s First Law of Motion and the First Law of Thermodynamics. Together, they explained the rationale of a physical entity remaining in a state perpetually until it is converted from one form to other form(s).

Armed with the knowledge about “forms of energy”, our capacities and capabilities to envision and deliver wonders are limitless. There is nothing new in this material world. Matter is all that matters. It takes the operation of a dynamic force or creative force to change something from one form to another. The most important element in the creative lifecycle is the incipient form of the entity and the second is the capacity of an external entity or process to change its state. We are incapable of creating something out of nothing. Raw material would always be necessary and so are agents of energy “transitions” from one form to another.

It is the interplay of nature and nurture that help shape our development as individuals and our outlook towards sustainable environment. Nurturing is where leadership is crucial. Nature by itself is dormant. It is noteworthy that whereas the initial form of a thing or organization may be good, whether it turns out better or worse depends on who is leading the way. A leader is a model of character and moral values. If you leave a place better than you met it as a matter of principle, then you are building your “good role model muscle”. In summary, the process of “changing for the better” starts with initial form and ends in good formation with the right leadership in place.

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