Few days from now, I will hit one hundred (100) nuggets. What a milestone achievement? It started with the first, and then the second. By the end of today (8th September 2021), it will stand at whopping ninety-six (96) nuggets. Leadership G.O.T B.O.R.N (acronym for Group OTen Blocks ORefreshing Nuggets) is a “child of necessity” so to say. 

In this series, you have ten (10) nuggets for your delight. Please, enjoy it and if possible, give me the gift of feedback in the appropriate form below.  Thanks and have a great day!

1. Power of continuity: Progress stalls where legacies of predecessors are egoistically truncated. Accelerated progress rides on continual improvement. #nugget81

2. Don’t be a leader whose life is defined by “do as I say” and not “do as I do”. Talking is easy, but you do well in perfecting “doing”. #nugget82

3. Life is kind to the living. Death is no respecter of persons. Both life and death answer to God. Be wise unto God. #nugget83

4. Greeting is to greatness what plant is to the planet. Man is at the center. Be human and humane. #nugget84

5. IBB and guilt: Apology is not a sign of weakness. It takes courage, thoughtfulness and self-leadership to say “I am sorry”. #nugget85

6. Can we simply say, good morning or good money? You know the difference. #nugget86

7. Why the “hush”? Is money a servant or the master? M(eans) O(ut) of N(eeds) E(specially) Y(ours) can’t be the controller except for “puppies”? #nugget87

8. In relationship you will have issues or differences. You don’t avoid conflict, you resolve it nicely. #nugget88

9. Energy drives leadership. That’s why focus swings from being energetic to synergies like “dancing pendulum”. #nugget89

10. A big problem may not necessarily require complex solution. There’s wisdom in simplicity – keeping it simple. #nugget90

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