Leadership GOT BORN (131 to 140)

Presented here is the “14th Block” of group oten (10) blocks orefreshing nuggets. J.C Maxwell says “Everything rises and falls on Leadership”. This blog is about Leadership and this series is about GOT BORN.

G.O.T B.O.R.N is the acronym for Group OTen Blocs ORefreshing Nuggets.

1. Anyone “destined” to fail can “never be helped”. Common symptom/undoing is seeing helpers as foes. #nugget131

2. No matter your “level”, keep C.A.L.M – Counsellors, Advocates, Learning-advisers and Mentors – to stay calm. #nugget132

3. Money works but work for “meaning” to find freedom, gain fulfilment and have peace of mind. #nugget133

4. The end of one is the beginning of another. End well, Start Well. #nugget134

5. Give Life to Love. Love and Let’s Live. #nugget135

6. Those who really understand the import of P(ower), U(niversal laws), F(acts) and F(iction) – P.U.F.F – do not “puff up” needlessly. #nugget136

7. There are “gold-mines” all around you. Until you Search, Seek and Study there’s no breakthrough. #nugget137

8. Be deliberate, avoid pretentious acts and be true to terms. Renewal of mind is better than new year resolution. #nugget138

9. The seed of greatness is sown in desire, nurtured in learning and reaped in fruitfulness. #nugget139

10. The ladder of success is not designed to step on people on your way up. Respect people and inspire productivity. #nugget140

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Have a great day!

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