Leadership GOT BORN (111 to 120)

G.O.T B.O.R.N is the acronym for Group OTen Blocks ORefreshing Nuggets. 

This series contain a group of ten (10) refreshing nuggets and the 12th Block for your delight in line with the title. Your gift of feedback in the appropriate form on this blog below would be highly appreciated (N/B – You need to sign-in to Google Account to be able to leave your comments directly on the blog). Otherwise, you can respond with comments when posted on LinkedIn. Have a great day!

  1. Desperate wickedness is a despicable weakness underpinned by ‘animalistic’ instincts. Don’t devalue yourself. #nugget111
  2. There is correlation between heartbeat and the clock’s tick-tock. While the day may be equal for all, your time is different from others’. #nugget112
  3. Do you want it? Is it good? Is it ethical? Will it add value to you or others? If yes, go for it! #nugget113
  4. You know your limits but operates far above and beyond through others in pursuit of higher purpose. That’s leadership 101. #nugget114
  5. If your conscience flags “error” don’t fly the “craft”. If in doubt, interrogate the pilot and his (or her) instrument(s). #nugget115
  6. A table is set before men of means. Your gifts, understanding, talent and skills (G.U.T.S) can set you on that table. #nugget116
  7. Propaganda and half-truths are also information. Guide your eyes and guard your heart against such diligently. #nugget117
  8. Finding purpose helps you discover “meaning” – the reason for your existence. #nugget118
  9. With a thorn in the flesh you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. May “a thorny gene era” never happen amongst “sand and nature” again! #nugget119
  10. The road to success is often rough, tough or long. While some endure, others quit at the verge of success. #nugget120
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