It’s been a while. The month of June was quite unique. It was one in which my ‘unique project’ came to a successful end. It’s a great feeling to have “finished strong” and be in a position to continue blogging from where I stopped in May 2021. Please, enjoy the “Group of Ten Blocks of Refreshing Nuggets” released one at a time on my FB wall – G.O.T B.O.R.N Series #5. Have a great day!

  1. “Sunkunmus Riranmus”: When you cry, you see well. Sleeping with one eye open is ingenious. #Nugget61
  2. Drawing inference: Scoring own goal is not unusual. What’s concerning is not learning any lesson therefrom. Learn and Improve! #Nugget62
  3. ‘Twitterically speaking’: No man can ban death – D(ated) E(nd) A(ctivating) T(transition) to H(eaven)/H(ell). #Nugget63
  4. Pray well and Work hard: After you have prayed well, you still have to work hard. Diligence attracts Favour. Ponder on these things. #Nugget64
  5. Beyond arguments: We are spiritual beings. the supernatural operates beyond the realms of multi-dimensional nuances of Arts and principled complexities of Sciences. Finding connection with God brings fulfilment. #Nugget65
  6. Of fruitfulness: There is no planting without the seed, the soil and the sower (an agent). Fruitfulness is like the beautiful delivery of an orchestra. Be fruitful! #Nugget66
  7. There’s the law of cause and effect. You want peace? Sow justice. “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people”. #Nugget67
  8. It’s not funny. People are ‘resurrecting’ those things that were hitherto ‘dead’. The virtues gaining ground in this space by the day leads to nowhere. Only ‘listening leadership’ can reverse the descent into abyss. #Nugget68
  9. Valuing each other: Never forget that the dot itself is a circle. the bigger it becomes, the clearer the identity. Views from outer space and beyond confirms all humanity are sited on a dot in the universe. #Nugget69
  10. From “Thinking Forward”: Thinkers are kings of life voyages. What marks great leaders out is their ability to think right and act right – the willpower for success. #Nugget70
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