Another “G.O.T B.O.R.N” series is here! GOT BORN stands for “Group of Ten Blocks of Refreshing Nuggets”. Have a great day!

  1. Celebrating a life well lived. Real impact is measured not by illicit wealth, riches, or material acquisitions but by so many lives touched positively. Truly and surely, it pays to pursue influence over affluence. #Nugget51
  2. It is better to win than whine. Stay positive, work smarter and collaborate for success. #Nugget 52
  3. Thoughts are not enough. First, find meaning and after that find expression. #Nugget53
  4. It is graceful showing the way by doing than telling. Otherwise, telling leads to yelling. #Nugget54
  5. Folks ‘wired’ into “what’s in it for me” but ‘fired’ into “what’s in it for them” ascends incredible heights of possibilities. Brace up, put best feet forward and breakthrough! – #Nugget55
  6. Following short-cuts to fame short-circuits destiny for shame. Choose your pursuits wisely. #Nugget56
  7. ‘Microwave’ era: If you covet someone’s glory, will you kindly identify with the grooming? There’s no glorying without grooming. #Nugget57
  8. Given to introspection: Is it not safe to say that it’s not how long we live that counts but how well? Be safe! #Nugget58
  9. Nailing the truth: There is no help that can be rendered to a character whose definition of success is failure. #Nugget59
  10. Why tell tales when you can tell treasures? The deeper the treasures, the less the tales. #Nugget60
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