Welcome to this “G.O.T B.O.R.N” series which is unique in all its ramifications. Traditionally, the series evolved from compilation of original quotes shared with ‘friends’ on my ‘facebook wall’ until ten posts are reached. However, I lost my mentor, guardian, spiritual father and a confidant in PPE* Samuel Babatope Adejuyigbe recently which affected my outing on facebook in the last couple of days.

In his honour, listed below are 5th in the series of “Group of Ten – G.O.T” – “Block of Refreshing Nuggets – B.O.R.N” inspired by notable leaders who influenced me through observation or inference drawn from their messages or feedback. Their names are hidden in their initials provided at the end of each quote (e.g. #Nugget 11, [AO] = Amos Ologunleko).

Are you able to identify at least three (3) of them? If yes, leave comments/feedback using appropriate form on this blog below – Many Thanks!

  1. Process safety journey is like riding uphill, you can’t afford to take your feet off the pedal – #Nugget 41 [CI]
  2. Feedback is a gift that we must embrace with open arms and appreciate with open minds – #Nugget 42 [BO]
  3. Set your year around ‘three big rocks’ and deliver with utmost precision – #Nugget 43 [TA]
  4. Leaders develop leaders after their kinds whilst empowering them to unleash their potentials – #Nugget 44 [LF]
  5. Whatever you do, remember Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) as a winning strategy – #Nugget 45 [SM]
  6. Whatsoever interests my leader should excite me and if it must be, it is up to me – #Nugget 46 [TO]
  7. Build your life around system that works – #Nugget 47 [GL]
  8. Love founded on faith and creative thinking is enduring – #Nugget 48 [OO]
  9. Behind ‘winning concept’ is the pen that speaks wisdom – #Nugget 49 [GK]
  10. Favour ‘towers’ above labour so shall this week favour me – #Nugget 50 [KA]

*PPE – Pastor, Professor & Engineer.

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