It’s funny how names or titles evolve. From “Eureka Effect” to “Born or Got” and now “Got Born”, the convention is about continuous improvement. The nuggets compiled here-in are the 3rd in the series of “Group of Ten – G.O.T” – “Block of Refreshing Nuggets – B.O.R.N”.

  1. Truthfully controversial: God will not change a people who are set in their own ways unless they change unto Him. Sustainable change starts from within rather than without. #Nugget21
  2. Critical questioning: The fact that you can’t answer that question doesn’t mean you should give up on finding the answer. We advance in leaps and bounds when enlightened in our dark areas. Never give up! #Nugget22
  3. Garbage in, Garbage out: Feed your mind with nourishing thoughts and guard your heart against frivolous and unprofitable external stimulus. This is the era of choice between good and evil. Choose and maintain your lane. #Nugget23
  4. Consciously aware: Words can be mathematically nuanced with either artistic or empirical deduction. For example, “Misuse, Abuse and Disuse” + “Not Effectively Salvaging Situations” = M.A.D.N.E.S.S #Nugget24
  5. Music and passion for Christ: Beyond tribes, clans, ethnicity, race, colour or creed, Music reigns. From a poem in 1843 – “Minuit Chretiens” – by Placide Cappeau, to Adolph Adam’s adaptation to music and John Dwight’s translation to English, the song “O Holy Night” remains enduring. Covet enduring legacies….Merry Christmas! #Nugget25
  6. Worthy or not? – Earning trust is hard work. He or she misses the point who craves for trust without integrity. Trust is bestowed on the trustworthy. #Nugget26
  7. Failing Forward: Gleaned seven (7) lessons from J.C Maxwell. Reject rejection, Don’t point fingers, See failure as temporary, Set realistic expectations, Focus on strengths, Vary approaches to accomplishment and Bounce Back. #Nugget27
  8. What a year? – We wiggled through the theatrics and tantrums of 2020 triumphantly. Despite toils and sweats, sour and sweet moments, we travailed. We hereby await the brand new 2021 with bright hope. Happy New Year! #Nugget28
  9. It’s a brand new year. Please be nicely kind in personality and Keep Investing in New Discoveries (K.I.N.D). #Nugget29
  10. From “Be Kind” – Humility is the hallmark of greatness. It is the blank slate upon which the chalk of kindness thrives. Where kindness rules, the people rejoice. #Nugget30
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