The end of a year ushers-in the new one. We wiggled through the theatrics and tantrums of 2020 triumphantly. Despite its toils and sweats, sour and sweet moments and ups and downs, we travailed. We have now crossed over into the brand new 2021 with much bright hope. It is my utmost desire that the new year meets our aspirations, our efforts graced with divine favour and deliveries crowned with kindness. Kindness, in particular, is an act of being generous, friendly and considerate. It is putting yourself in other people’s shoes while responding to their acts of omission or commission.

Among others, 2020 taught us that there are notable differences between genuine wisdom, common sense and good luck. We have also learnt that we can greet one another respectfully without handshakes or warm embrace. Another lesson is that we can do without vacations, travels and usual hustle and bustle of our days. Inadvertently, we have learnt that we can be globally locked-down and that should truly teach us humility.

Humility is the hallmark of greatness. It is the blank slate upon which the chalk of kindness thrives. Where kindness rules, the people rejoice. There is the T.E.N commandment (widely opposed to the mosaic law) that stifles unity and progress. Tribalism, Ethnicity and Nepotism (T.E.N) does more harm than good. Please avoid them with all your zeal and zest. On folly of apartheid, Nelson Mandela had this to say – “We do not care whether a cat is white or black as long as it can catch mice”.

As we begin the new year, let’s learn to relate with people as humans with sacred blood in their veins. Let’s treat others with irrevocable respect. The bigger lesson for me in 2020 was seeing developed nations lose more souls to COVID-19 than under-developed ones despite advances in technology and medical science. It is indeed true that “foolish things of the world can confound the wise”. It’s a brand new year. Please be nicely kind in personality and Keep Investing in New Discoveries (K.I.N.D). Happy New Year!

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