TransFORMation Journey #3

First, there is ‘the form’ and perhaps you may need to refer to earlier series to enable you follow the drift. Without information about the initial form and other possibilities there can never be transformation. Instructively, the period beginning in the 70s is specifically referred to as “Information Age” for astute reasons. This era ushered in innovative and astounding technological transformation. The next era is pregnant with astronomical progress and magical touch in its appeal.

Therefore, we will be looking at the essential role that ‘inFORMation’ plays in transformation journey in this series. “Information is power”, so the famous quote says but that only holds sway when we master the act and art of putting it into good effect. George Clinton summed it up when he said that “whoever controls the flow of information dictates our perceptions and perspectives; whoever shapes the news shapes our destiny”.

The rationale for ‘transFORMation’ is summed up in the acronym E.A.R.N which stands for Education, Attention, Revenue and Nurturing. One common denominator having utmost relevance and significant impact across each theme is information. Undeniably, quality information is crucial for decision making at all levels in a business entity to facilitate effective and efficient operation. For example – of commerce and industry – Cherryh C. J says. “trade isn’t about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until information moves them”.

Transformation is about change. Change is human centric. Human elements are motivated by compelling story telling. It is the reason we love to be on the winning side rather than the loosing side. On the winning side, the history is not only sweet but rewarding. “Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan” that’s why most people seek to be associated with success. It is then the burden of leadership to take responsibility for success or failure in change management. If you must lead well, you must be prepared never to pass the buck but to take ownership and accountability.

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