Here is the 7th edition of leadership messages termed “Group of Ten Blocks of Refreshing Nuggets” – G.O.T B.O.R.N – as released one at a time on my Facebook wall over the past couple of days. Please enjoy it and if possible, give feedback in the appropriate form below. Have a great day!

1. Engineering is not just about theories, equations, computation/coding or ‘practicals’. Relevant among others are intuition, nature, creativity, relationship, evolution, design, ideas, belief, leadership and economics. Engineering is I.N.C.R.E.D.B.L.E to say the least.  #nugget71

2. Seriously contextual: Naija is probably No. 1 nation when it comes to churning out “entertaining stories” week-in week-out. Ours has graduated from “breaking news” to “breakable news”. #nugget72

3. Of fixation and focus: Unless we out-think the problem, solution is out of reach. Fix your focus and shape your life. #nugget73

4. Realistically, make your voice count. Organizationally, make your vote count. Existentially, make your vitals count. #nugget74

5. Glory by association: Perfect world is an imperfect expectation. When you achieve medallion performance like Ese Brume, expect all and sundry to share in your glory. #nugget75

6. Have you ever wondered why every successful transformation looked ordinary in retrospect? Closing one ‘gap to potential’ leads to another gap to close. #nugget76

7. Being a change agent starts with personal change or transformation. A changed personality is one who has been transformed by the renewal of his or her mind. #nugget77

8. Mentees’ creed: Seek ye first value driven performances and all other values shall be added unto you. Mentors’ expectation is that you grow well in commitment, character and competence. #nugget78

9. Counting the cost: The chance for success depends on the accuracy of the budget. Building UDevelopments on Gauged Economic Targets – B.U.D.G.E.T. #nugget79

10. Leadership is about trust. Trust nurtured, protected and guaranteed builds institutions which in turn builds a great nation. #nugget80

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