Leadership GOT BORN (121 to 130)

This series contain a group of ten (10) refreshing nuggets and the “13th Block” for your delight in line with the title – Leadership G.O.T B.O.R.N. 

G.O.T B.O.R.N is the acronym for Group OTen Blocks ORefreshing Nuggets. 

Your gift of feedback in the appropriate form on this blog below would be highly appreciated (N/B – You need to sign-in to Google Account to be able to leave your comments directly on the blog). Otherwise, you can respond with comments when posted on LinkedIn. Have a great day!

  1. Going there you may crawl, walk or fly tediously. Getting there many are drawn to you expressly. #nugget121
  2. Faith is not temptation in disguise that must be avoided wholeheartedly. Faith works, temptation wishes. #nugget122
  3. Being online often require affirmation that you are human. BExceptionally Interesting Never Giving-up in well-doing #nugget123
  4. Prove yourself sanely human for emotional connection with humanity and ‘transactional’ integrity . #nugget124
  5. Data is more than new oil. It is Digital Attributes Towards Advancement of human race beyond subsisting comprehension. #nugget125
  6. Asking seemingly stupid question(s) is not stupidity. Not answering with care does more harm than good. #nugget126
  7. These ‘tripodian’ senses will make you whole: sense of identity, sense of purpose and sense of spirituality. Be interesting! #nugget127
  8. Denial falls like a house of cards in the face of truth. Truth is time-less, denial is time-bound. #nugget128
  9. Focus on S.A.R.S for success in the new year – Strategy, Alliances, Resources and Skills.  #nugget129
  10. Two sides of a coin – Speak less and listen more versus Post less and read more! #nugget130
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