Leadership GOT BORN (101 to 110)

It’s indeed a pleasure to be featured by Lois Oni – LLB, MBA in her recent LinkedIn Postdated 12th October 2021. Hence, she’s worthy of mention here for her gracious act as one good turn deserves another. The reason for Leadership G.O.T B.O.R.N is to inspire or bless someone out there in need of motivation or inspiration.

G.O.T B.O.R.N is the acronym for Group Of Ten Blocks Of Refreshing Nuggets.
Please enjoy under-listed ten (10) nuggets for your delight. Your gift of feedback in the appropriate form on this blog below would be highly appreciated.

  1. No one can complete the work expected of him in a lifetime. It grows as a whale because Work Happens According to Learning Execution (W.H.A.L.E). #nugget101
  1. Give or Take: The quest for questioning is to nail and nor burst it. Yet, we often fail to get it. #nugget102
  2. Man cannot see well sustainably with another man’s lamp. Self-enlightenment empowers beyond measure. #nugget103
  3. It is better to ride on a donkey than enter the train to nowhere. Be fact based. #nugget104
  4. The mentor is not a tormentor. He or she Meaningfully Engages Natural Talents on Own Responsibilities – M.E.N.T.O.R. #nugget105
  5. ‘Critical Questioning’ belongs to the tripod of leadership’s critical acts. Others are ‘Critical Reasoning’ and ‘Critical Thinking’. #nugget106
  6. This world is like a stage. Act the ‘scenes’ as a man or woman of conscience. Act well, don’t act ‘mirage’. #nugget107
  7. Housefly doesn’t intend to die inside sweet drinks. Likewise, unethical ‘enjoyment’ kills surreptitiously. #nugget108
  8. Envision what a “better you” looks like. Understand what it takes, brace-up and work at it. Be committed. #nugget109
  9. Few (if any) will join your battle or victory. The world moves on with or without you and I. #nugget110
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