The nuggets compiled here-in are 4th in the series of “Group of Ten – G.O.T” – “Block of Refreshing Nuggets – B.O.R.N”. Hope you are touched or inspired by at least one of them. Have a great day!

  1. Nothing is hidden – It’s a secret until it’s known by someone credited with discovery, uncovering or undercovering. #Nugget31
  2. Legacy never dies. I have learnt so much from Dr Myles Munro and Ubong King than when they were here. There is more to life than death. #Nugget32
  3. The problem or solution is not what you think but how you think. Anyone who rejoices at others’ downfall need serious help. #Nugget33
  4. When simple problem becomes intractable, check the quality of ‘leader-ship’ and ‘follower-ship’. Truth be told, the quality of ‘leader-ship’ becomes the quality of life ultimately. #Nugget34
  5. Light-up Nigeria: Shall we see darkness fully eradicated from the land despite change from NEPA to PHCN unbundling (DISCOs and GENCOs) in this generation? Unless there is a change of heart and purpose driven actions, “scratching the surface” is fruitless. #Nugget35
  6. As ‘face-lift’ is to an object whose condition or form has deteriorated so is ‘heart-lift’ to a soul in distress. It is never too late to crave for a lift to the height you are meant to attain. #Nugget36
  7. Ignite Solutions: The folly of wishing problems away rather than addressing their root causes decisively is evident in chaos and bitter regrets. #Nugget37
  8. “There is nothing new in this material world. Matter is all that matters. It takes the operation of a dynamic force or creative force to change something from one form to another”. #Nugget38
  9. From “Thinking Forward” – “Think, don’t sink! There is power in thoughtfulness. Every advancement in life can be said to be a product of thoughtful actions”. #Nugget39
  10. From “Nothing is Silent” – “Silence is golden, but silence speaks as well. Those little children silently neglected have grown up in their prime “as pains in our necks””. #Nugget40
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